Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements

Notice: The students incoming from the EU countries do not need visa!

Please, be advised that if you intend to stay in the Czech Republic, you are required to obtain a specific visa called “visa for period exceeding 90 days” (long term visa). Czech Visa is issued by the Czech Embassy in your country (Appendix I), where you can also get more information. We highly recommend applying for Visa at least three months or more before the day of your arrival to the Czech Republic to be sure you get visa on time. You need the following documents to apply for long-term visa (more than 90 days):

  1. The completed form "Application for Czech Visa" (available at the Consulate or Embassy).
  2. Letter of Acceptance (supplied by our office) confirming the purpose of stay in the Czech Republic.
  3. Confirmation of accommodation in the Czech Republic (supplied by our office).
  4. Confirmation of sufficient financial means for the stay in the Czech Republic (from your bank or Financial Agreement from your university confiming that you have received a grant – we will send form to Erasmus students).
  5. Confirmation of a criminal record at your home country. This document is absolutely necessary. It must be translated into the Czech language and notarised. Please consult your local authorities.
  6. Application form for a report from the Czech criminal record registry, confirming that you have no criminal record in the Czech Republic. This form is available at all Embassies/Consulates, and you can fill it in when applying for the visa.
  7. 4 photographs (passport size).
  8. Passport (original) – the period of its validity must exceed the expected duration of stay by at least 90 days.

To get short-term visa (less than 3 months) you will need: Application Form, Letter of Acceptance, Confirmation of Guaranteed Accommodation, 4 photos (passport size), Financial Agreement and passport.

All official documents should be presented in the original or a notarised copy. All documents should be presented with an official translation in the Czech language. We can provide a notarised translation from English or German. We advise you to ask for up-to-date information at the Czech Embassy in your country.