Článek v časopise Technological and Economic Development of Economy

  • Michal Stoklasa
  • 07.12.2020
Ve vědeckovýzkumné činnosti naší katedry se věnujeme i online nakupování. V nejnovějším čísle časopisu Technological and Economic Development of Economy (TEDE) vyšel článek dr. Klepka a dr. Bauerové právě na toto téma. Jedná se o časopis ve 2. kvartilu databáze Web of Science, což svědčí o kvalitní práci.


Abstrakt:  Considering  a  relatively  slow  adoption  of  online  grocery  shopping  in  the  vast  majority  of  the  world  markets,  the  main  objective  of  this  study  was  to  uncover  any  new  reasons  why  customers  hesitate  to  shop  groceries  online.  Moreover,  we  were  not  looking  for  undiscovered  discouraging  reasons  only  but  also  intended  to  validate  previously  researched  reasons  in  published studies. Thus, we have first used a systematic literature review to cover all relevant previous studies on online grocery non-buyers. Even though this process is time-consuming, it provides a coherent overview of the published material on the topic. Further, we designed a web-based survey of 670 respondents from the general internet population. The data in open-ended questions related to online grocery attitudes and opinions were analysed by the content analysis. 14 thematic units emerged from the process from which the majority confirmed previously researched negative attitudes toward online grocery shopping. Non-buyers prefer to see grocery in person before buying it, there is a distrust in e-tailers to choose the best and freshest grocery, non-buyers prefer personal  contact  with  the  seller  and  behave  habitually.  Moreover,  they  tend  to  shop  offline  also  because of hedonic reasons and pleasure from the shopping experience. Novel reasons why people hesitate to shop online in this category were the time consumption where consumers perceived online shopping slow regarding order-delivery time gap and were reluctant to pay for the delivery service, to mention just a few. We conclude with a summary of our results and a handful of recommendation for e-tail companies.

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