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  • 05.06.2024
Alternative sources of financing in the light of empirical research

Alternative sources of financing in the light of empirical research

dr Joanna MAŁECKA
Poznan University of Technology, POLAND
Date: 05. 06. 2024, 11:00
Place: B101/hybrid

Economic development is aided by increasing globalization. It applies not only to digital solutions, technology and innovation, but also to financial market instruments and full access to opportunities to diversify companies' financial portfolios. The ability to navigate the turbulent economic environment brings opportunities to find new and previously untapped subsidy opportunities. However, it depends to a large extent on both: the qualifications and competence of managers, who – as economic practice indicates – do not have knowledge at an adequate level to support the effective search for information that provides opportunities for full modeling and analysis of financial processes. Indeed, the use of capital market instruments is still at a much lower level than that of money market products, and traditional sources of financing are among the range of financial products more often chosen than alternative ones, the very names of which often remain unrecognizable to entrepreneurs and managers. The research conducted in this area has a multi-faceted nature: (1) it is based on source data from annual reports and publications, developed and made available by institutions affiliated with the financial market, (2) own research in the filed of the perception of the financial market offer and alternative sources of financing by entrepreneurs, (3) the number and growth trends of joint-stock and limited joint-stock partnerships in Poland, as well as (4) the importance and role of SMEs among them, as the legal status of an enterprise is one of the most important determinants of access to the full range of offered alternative sources of financing from the capital market.

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