Pozvánka na seminář "Charged particles and quasiperiodic oscillations around magnetized black holes"

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  • 26.10.2023
Seminář se bude konat tento čtvrtek ve dne 26. října 2023 od 10:00 do 10:45 hodin v zasedací místnosti č. 219 (sekretariát). Seminář je určen pro studenty a zaměstnance FÚ SLU.

J. Rayimbaev - Charged particles and quasiperiodic oscillations around magnetized black holes


In classical general relativity, black holes do not radiate in theelectromagnetic spectrum, so it is not possible to directly obtaininformation about an isolated black hole. However, black holes’ gravity inbinary systems plays an important role in deriving all the radiationprocesses in the surrounding accretion disk. Testing gravity theories andastrophysical magnetic fields through data from observations is an important and actual issue in relativistic astrophysics. There are severalobservational data to obtain valuable information about gravitationalproperties of the spacetime and electromagnetic fields around astrophysicalblack holes. One of them is frequency data from QPOs observed inmicroquasars a binary system of a central compact object and companion star,in which the central massive object is assumed to be a candidate for(stellar-mass) black holes. However, in realistic cases, it is impossible toknow the exact type of black holes and magnetic field configurations.Therefore, we can test the black hole solutions and magnetic fieldconfigurations in theoretical studies of the origin mechanisms of QPOs.

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