Invitation to the seminar — The maximum gravitational mass and deformation of magnetized rotating strange quark stars

  • ustav
  • 29.06.2023
The seminar will happen online. The more information in regards to the meeting link will be further known closer to the event itself.

Hosted by Fatima Kayanikhoo

The abstract:

Strange quark stars (SQS) are a possible type of compact object that may be created after the proto-neutron star state, through a second explosion. The core magnetic field of the quark stars may reach magnetic fields of 10^{18} G. The other interesting property of compact objects which affects the dynamic and configuration of the star is spin. Rotating compact objects are supposed to be stable with larger maximum gravitational masses compared to the non-rotating models. We studied the structure of SQSs in the presence of strong magnetic fields with different rotational frequencies. I will give an overview of SQS and discuss the model we provided for the equation of state and structure of SQS as well as remark on the impact of rotation and magnetic field on the shape and gravitational mass limits of SQS.


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