Invitation to the online seminar — Observers and flows in black hole space-times: The inside story

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  • 26.05.2023
On the 26th of May 2023 will be organized the online seminar about the "Observers and flows in black hole space-times: The inside story" which will be hosted by Oleg Zaslavsky himself.

The abstract: We consider general radially moving frames realized in the background of nonextremal black holes having causal structure similar to that of the Schwarzschild metric. In doing so, we generalize the Lemaitre approach, constructing free-falling frames which are built from the reference particles with an arbitrary specific energy e_0 including e0 < 0 and a special case e0 = 0. The general formula of 3-velocity of a freely falling particle with the specific energy e with respect to a frame with e_0 is presented. We point out the relation between the properties of considered frames near a horizon and the Banados-Silk-West effect of an indefinite growth of energy of particle collisions. Using our radially moving frames, we consider also nonradial motion of test particles including the regions near the horizon and singularity. We also point out the properties of the Lemaitre time at horizons depending on the frame and sign of particle energy.

Should you have any questions about the event itself, do not hesitate to reach out to us on this following e-mail address:

We are looking forward to your participation!

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