Invitation to the online seminar — Bimetric Gravity and its extension to metric-affine gravity

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  • 15.05.2023
On the 15th of May 2023 will be organized the online seminar about the "Bimetric Gravity and its extension to metric-affine gravity". The event will be hosted by I. Gialamas.

Link to the Zoom:

Abstract: Bimetric gravity, is a theory of gravity that posits the existence of two interacting and dynamical metric tensors. The spectrum of bimetric gravity consists of a massless and a massive spin-2 particle. The form of the interactions between the two metrics is constrained by requiring absence of the so called Boulware-Deser ghost. In this talk we will extend the original bimetric theory to its bimetric-affine counterpart, in which the two connections, associated with the Ricci scalars, are treated as independent variables. We will examine in detail the case of an additional quadratic in the Ricci scalar curvature term and we will prove that this theory is ghost-free for a wide range  of the interaction parameters.

Should you have any questions about the event itself, do not hesitate to reach out to us on this following e-mail address: We are looking forward to your participation.

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