Seminar at the Institute of Physics: The LHC's Run 3: II. Physics

  • ustav
  • 22.07.2022
Mikulas Gintner (University of Zilina, Slovakia):The LHC's Run 3: II. Physics Abstract: On 5th July 2022, Run 3 of the LHC has begun. In the previous talk, the LHC functioning and its upgrades for Run 3 have been reviewed. In this talk, we will discuss the research goals of the LHC and particularly those of Run 3. Even though the beginning of Run 3 marks already the 10th anniversary since the Higgs discovery the Higgs boson still represents the central point of the LHC investigation. Nevertheless, the LHC will also address other issues related to the search for physics beyond the Standard model. The talk is intended for the audience with the expertise outside of the field of particle physics.

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