Seminar at the Institute of Physics: The LHC's Run 3: I. The Machine

  • ustav
  • 21.07.2022
Mikulas Gintner (University of Zilina, Slovakia): The LHC's Run 3: I. The Machine Abstract: Since 2009, The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has played a major role in advancing experimental research in particle physics. The discovery of the candidate particle for the long sought-after Higgs boson that took place in 2012 certainly belongs among the LHC's most notable achievements. The operations of the LHC consist of the periods when data for physical research are being collected (Runs) interlaced with the periods dedicated to repass and upgrade the LHC and its detectors (Long Shutdowns). On 5th July 2022, Run 3 of the LHC has begun. In this talk, we will review the functioning of the LHC and its detectors and introduce the upgrades that took place before the Run 3. In the follow-up talk, we will discuss the research goals of the LHC and particularly those of Run 3. This talk is intended for the audience with the expertise outside of the field of particle physics.

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