Information for Ukrainian applicants for study

The Silesian University in Opava (SU) condemns in strongest terms the Russian invasion into Ukraine and is ready to help Ukrainian people fleeing from this country, including students. Students with Ukrainian citizenship can enroll at SU in two ways either as short-term mobility students, or as regular degree students. The Silesian University, School of Business Administration in Karviná offers special conditions for students from Ukraine, a wide range of study programs in Czech and "Economics and Management" program delivered in English. Study at the university is currently free of charge for all Ukrainian citizens, holders of temporary protection in Czechia. In addition, degree students are entitled for monthly scholarships of CZK 8,000 according to the conditions specified in the Rector's Decision no. 8/2023 (with the validity till 31. 12. 2023). Enrollment is possible in September and in English programs also in February each year. Ukrainian students can also get free accommodation in our university dormitory.

The university provides assistance with organizational matters and integration upon arrival in Czechia. Local students gathered within the Buddy program help newcomers to get an easy start in their student life after admission and enrollment. Other study or else-related issues can be counselled at the International Relations Office, Study Office or the Counselling and Career Centre.

More useful information on insurance, temporary protection visa and other life situations is available at

Admission into a degree study program

The students can opt for a degree study program with Czech or English language of instruction. Application fees are waived for all students holding a temporary protection visa in Czechia.

Czech study programs are free of charge and for most of these programs, there is no entrance exam. One of the conditions for admission is proof of Czech language skills (e.g. Czech language examination at an accredited institution or completion of a Czech language course for foreigners). For complete conditions, please see the admission conditions below. 

English study programs are offered on Bachelor, Master and PhD level in the field Economics and Management. The tuition fees for studies in English programs are waived for Ukrainian students. Applicants for English programs still located in Ukraine (without a temporary protection visa) are advised to pay an application fee in order to attend an entrance exam. Holders of temporary protection in Czechia who have already paid the fee can later apply for a refund.

Admission conditions:

Previous education recognition: You will have the opportunity to recognize your previous education from Ukraine. To do this, you will need an original and a copy of the document certified by your university, with a list of the courses you have studied and the grades you have received. More information is available here.

Short-term programs

The student needs to apply via the International Relations Office and sign a Learning Agreement which specifies which courses the student will be attending (and will take exams from, when the semester ends). No degree is awarded upon the end of the study period. Students can come within the Erasmus+ program, bilateral agreements or as freemovers. Their study for 1 or 2 semesters is free of tuition. The course offer is available here.

Application deadlines for

  • winter semester: 20.6.
  • summer semester: 20.11.

Contact persons

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