Business Economics and Management

The doctoral study aims to develop the ability of independent creative work in the field of research and development. The doctoral study is focused on scientific research and independent creative activity. The doctoral degree program Economics and Management, the field of study of Business Economics and Management, enables students to specialize and expand their knowledge in the field of business economics and management.

The standard period for full-time and part-time study at the SU SBA is four years and the maximum period of study is 7 years.

Prerequisites for admission to the doctoral degree program is a successfully completed university master's degree in the same or a related field. Students who have completed their previous studies at other universities, still in a similar or related field, can also apply to study the doctoral cycle. The condition for admission to the DDP is the successful completion of the admission procedure. More information on the conditions of the admission procedure can be found here.

Study in the doctoral degree program takes place according to an individual study plan (ISP) under the guidance of a supervisor and the control of the Subject Area Board. The ISP is compiled by the student in cooperation with the supervisor in the first year of study, which is then submitted for approval by the Subject Area Board.

By studying theoretical and applied subjects according to the ISP and processing the dissertation, the student demonstrates the ability to creatively expand the existing knowledge of the researched part of the field.

The doctoral study is duly completed by a state doctoral examination and the defence of a dissertation, which demonstrates the ability and readiness for independent research and development or independent theoretical activity. Graduates of doctoral degree programs are awarded the academic title of "doctor" (abbreviated to "Ph.D.") listed after the name.

The doctoral study of the School of Business Administration of the Silesian University is provided by the Science and Research Office which manages the administrative and study agenda of doctoral degree programs.