The entrance examination is oral and takes place before the Admission Committee. The entrance examination will be held online or physically in the selected location according to the geographical distribution of applicants. An entrance examination is part of the admission procedure. The candidate will be informed of the exact dates of the entrance examination after filing an application for study. The candidate applying for study shall demonstrate expert knowledge and the prerequisites for an independent scientific work and English language skills at the entrance examination..

  • When being examined, the candidate shall demonstrate the expert knowledge of economic theory, mathematical-statistical methods and the selected field in the extent corresponding to the Master's degree curriculum. Part of the entrance examination is professional discussion on the topic of the dissertation based on the propositions that the candidate has stated in his/her application to study.
  • In the language examination the candidate shall prove his/her conversational knowledge of English and the knowledge of English terminology in relation to the topic of the thesis. 
  • The Admission Committee shall assess the results of the entrance examination by the points, it is necessary to reach a minimum of 51 % of the available points to pass the entrance examination successfully.