Recognition of foreign higher education

The process of recognition of university education is called the "recognition of foreign higher education and qualification in Czechia". Holders of academic diplomas issued in other countries do have to apply for the recognition of their diplomas for the purpose of further studies in Czechia. Kindly check the complete list of study programs that can be recognized at the SU. The teaching language of the comparing programs does not have to be the same, so you can also search from the programs taught in Czech. In case you are not sure whether your studied program can be recognized at our university, feel free to contact us at for guidance. Please note that in case your diploma can not be recognized at the SU, you will need to contact a different public university in Czechia that offers a similar program to yours and apply for recognition there. A complete list of study programs accredited in Czechia is also available here (in Czech only). 

For the recognition procedure at the SU SBA it is necessary to submit the following documents:

  • Legally attested copy of a Diploma or similar document about graduation (notary-certified)
  • Legally attested copy of a Diploma Supplement or list of completed exams (notary-certified).

Guide on how to get legally attested copies is available here. If the documents attached to the application are not in Czech or English language, the applicant must enclose their certified translation into Czech or English language. Pay the fee by card in Information system (IS) here by adding the recognition fee to the shopping cart and placing an order. Save your order number, fill in the university form and apply for recognition at Silesian University in Opava in paper form by post. You can also find all relevant information in one place here.

Note: The government of Czechia has international agreements with the governments of Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland that establish that the mutual recognition of academic qualifications is automatic, so there is no need for holders of any academic diplomas from these countries to go through the recognition procedure.

For applicants from India, we strongly recommend contacting the agency UA Networks Limited (UAN) as our trusted partner to assist you with the application procedure, diploma recognition, visa process and other necessary support. Additional service fees may be applied for their services, such as interviews, smooth admissions process, documents authentication and recognition, visa application or documents delivery. The contact e-mail address of the agency is

Recognition of foreign secondary education

The process of recognition of secondary / tertiary professional level and higher (not university) education is called nostrification ("nostrifikace"). In Czechia, recognition authorities are education departments in each regional authority (krajský úřad). We recommend contacting and submitting your application with documents to the local Moravian-Silesian Regional Authority. Detailed information on the nostrification process is available here.

The school which issued your diploma has to be an institution accredited by the Ministry of Education of the same country/state where it is situated. In most cases it is clear from the diploma. In case it is not, you should ask the Ministry of Education in your country for the proof that your school is accredited within your country‘s educational system.

The payment of administrative fee is usually made by bank transfer or in cash at the regional authority. In case the amount transferred is not exact, the regional authority will not accept the payment and the application is considered as void.

A guide on how to get a certified copy of a legalized document and its official translation is available here.

Your application for recognition can either be submitted in person at the regional authority office (recommended), through a representative who has your official authorization (power of attorney) to act on your behalf in this process of recognition or by post

Applicants who attained secondary education in Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary or Poland acknowledge that Czechia is bound in relation to these states by the agreements on the mutual recognition of educational qualifications. Such applicants can use their documents directly within the territory of Czechia without having to apply for recognition. 


1. Application form

2. Certified copy of legalized foreign school report/diploma prepared by a Czech notary (notář) and translated by the Czech court interpreter (soudní tlumočník)

3. Certified copy of the legalized list of school subjects with the number of hours prepared by the Czech notary and translated by the Czech court interpreter

4. Proof that the school which issued your diploma/school report is integrated in the education system of your country

5. Proof of payment of an administrative fee: CZK 1000 (EUR 40)

6. Passport