About visiting studies

Visiting students include students who:

  • exceed the limit set in contracts and student exchange agreements with foreign universities for the category Exchange students;
  • usually ensure their study individually for one semester or one academic year (free movers);
  • are enrolled in special courses or training programs, for example in the lifelong learning. 
Tuition fee: Visiting students should pay the tuition fee according to number of selected courses. Fee for each course is 250 EUR.

Application procedure

Visiting students interested in mobilities within bilateral agreements with our partner universities shall submit their application directly in our mobility system, upon their nomination from their home university coordinator. Such nomination list shall be sent by e-mail as agreed in a joint approval. 

How to complete online application

In order to apply, students need to:
  1. select courses they would like to study at our university
  2. fill out and submit online application
  3. upload or complete required documents inside the application:
    • signed and scanned application form
    • passport copy
    • Learning Agreement

Responsible coordinators

In case of any questions, please contact our International
Coordinator: Ms. Veronika Maťková (matkova@opf.slu.cz)

Deadlines for applications

See our Academic Calendar for current dates. 

Acceptance letter

Acceptance letter and other visa documents for non-EU students will be available for download inside the e-application. Original visa documents are mailed to home university coordinators or sent to individual students upon prior agreement.

After mobility

After the mobility, students are issued:

  • Transcript of Records which includes the list of all courses taken, grades and ECTS credits obtained.
  • Confirmation of Study Period (or Letter of Attendance) which confirms the mobility period at SU SBA and states the dates of the student's arrival and departure.

All mobility documents will be available for download inside the student's e-application. Original documents can be mailed to home university coordinators or handed to individual students upon prior agreement.