The student enrolled in an accredited study programme at the Silesian University (SU) may go on a study stay and/or traineeship of a maximum total duration of 12 months for each level of study, i.e. 12 months during the Bachelor's degree, another 12 months during the follow-up Master's degree, and then another 12 months during the Doctoral degree.

  • Long-term mobility can be carried out for a period of 2 - 12 months.
  • Students can go abroad in all forms of study (full-time and combined).
  • Students can go abroad already in the 1st year of their Bachelor studies.
  • The student must be enrolled in an accredited study programme at SU for the entire period of participation in the mobility.
  • The study stay can be implemented at a foreign partner university with which SU SBA has concluded an inter-institutional agreement.
  • Short-term mobility of 5 - 30 days can be realized by students of combined form of study, full-time students of selected study programmes, professional athletes, students who are prevented from participating in mobility by their employment or other commitments, students of doctoral study programmes and other groups of students with obstacles. This type of mobility is complemented by a mandatory virtual component (not applicable to PhD students). Short-term combined mobility is only possible at institutions that offer this form of mobility.
  • Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) give each student the opportunity to participate in short-term mobility of 5-30 days supplemented by a mandatory virtual component. BIPs are carried out on the basis of a contractual agreement between 3 or more universities. It is therefore only possible to participate in those intensive programmes for which SU has concluded the relevant agreement. If you are interested in participating in a BIP, please contact the Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator who will provide you with more information.
  • The traineeship can be carried out at a foreign higher education institution or in an organisation from practice or public administration. The student works full-time on the basis of a pre-agreed work plan. The work plan or the content of the internship is related or connected to the study programme the student is studying at SU. The student gains practical skills and experience in the field of his/her studies. Internships cannot be carried out in EU institutions, organisations administering EU programmes and national diplomatic missions (embassies, consulates) of the student's home country abroad.
  • Erasmus+ provides additional financial support for students with disabilities, students receiving a social grant, child benefit, caring for children or other dependants, orphans or students in other difficult family or life situations.
  • Erasmus+ finacially supports mobility participants who choose to travel in an environmentally friendly way.
  • The Erasmus+ programme now makes it possible to participate in mobility at partner universities not only in the European Union but also beyond its borders. The rules for these mobilities are based on the rules set out by the programme for so-called International Credit Mobility projects. For more information, please contact the Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinators.

Student mobilities are administrated by the International Relations Office. Please note if you are interested in going abroad you need to participate in a selection procedure. In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at