General information

An entrance examination is part of the admission procedure. The exam will take place online in the months of January 2024 until September 2024. Applicants will be informed of the exact dates of the entrance examination after filing an application for study and paying the administrative fee. The entrance examination will be conducted in English and consists of two main parts:

  • entrance exam test
  • online interview

Only applicants who are successful in the online test will receive an invitation for an interview.

The content of the entrance examination test involves an English test at B2 level (Upper-Intermediate) and a learning potential test in the range of the Bachelor’s degree study program in the field of Economics, i.e. knowledge of: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics and Statistics. An invitation for the entrance exam test will be sent to the applicant electronically (via e-mail). The minimum score limit for the successful completion of the English test is set at 60 points out of the maximum of 100 points. The minimum score limit for the successful completion of the learning potential test is set at 80 points out of the maximum of 240 points.

The online interview takes place before the Admission Committee via MS Teams. When being examined, the applicant shall demonstrate the necessary knowledge to the extent as specified above in the written part of the examination. The Admission Committee will assess the results of the interview by points. It is necessary to reach a minimum of 60 points out of the maximum of 100 points to pass the interview successfully. Failing in either part of the entrance exam results in non-admission to study. 

The admission decision is issued within one week of the entrance examination.

Entrance exam test (online)

Mathematics and statistics

Score limits

English test: 60/100
Learning potential test: 80/240
Interview: 60/100

Thematic areas

Thematic areas, recommended study literature and sample test questions are available for download below: