Erasmus Mobility

Erasmus program enables students to study abroad for a longer period (usually a semester). Here you can find the whole list of all SU SBA partner institutions.

During your study abroad period you remain (have to remain) being a student of SU SBA and all your rights and duties related to this status remain the same (including the duty of paying the BEM tuition fee). The courses studied abroad and credits gained for them will be recognized as a part of your studies at SU SBA (mainly as elective courses). You do not pay any tuition fees to the partner university (host institution). You will receive a grant / scholarship/ financial support intended to help to cover the travel, housing and meal costs related to your study period abroad.

Exchange mobilities are administrated at the International Relations Office. Please note if you are interested in getting abroad you need to participate in the selection process.

Erasmus Days - Interview with Erasmus+ students

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07.06 - School of Business Administration in Karviná

Exploring the city of Štramberk by international students

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09.05 - School of Business Administration in Karviná

Master of Business Economics and Management: Students’ testimonies

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06.05 - School of Business Administration in Karviná

Experience of Erasmus+ students studying at SBA

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Business Gate

Business Gate is not only a space for entrepreneurship but also a community. Community of people who are passionate for new trends in all areas of business, who like to share ideas and have interest in practice and contact with a real businesses. 

We provide support for startups, workshops for entrepreneurs and shared co-working space for everyone who wants to join us. 

One of our product is Business Gate Academy, where companies provide tasks for student teams. Once we define the problem and set our objectives we form teams and provide them with specific brief. Teams work on the assignment for whole semester with a help of mentors and lecturers. At the end of the process the final presentation for representatives takes place. Companies then decide which solution they prefer and have option to buy the final result or let the students implement the solution themselves.

Business Gate Academy short presentation