International Student Seminar - Presentations

This is in no way an absolute description how to present but rather pointers that might help you present better.

Work with time – you have a time limit of 10 minutes, use them well. We will show you a yellow and red sign when you will be nearing the end of the set time limit. Try to plan your presentation in a way that you manage to go through all the most important points.

We are evaluating number of things during your presentation, but it can be summarized into groups: content of your presentation, style of your presentation. 

Content of the presentation – try to use the general scientific approach. This means that you identify a problem area, set a goal, present data, and draw some conclusions. We are also evaluating the style of your PowerPoint presentation. 

Style of the presentation – generally speaking, we are evaluating your verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication includes the way how you speak (never read your presentation from a paper), how you work with the audience. Nonverbal communication includes things like attitude, gestures, smiling, eye contact etc.