Student Dormitory

Our campus offers best from both worlds, studying as well as social life. For studying you can benefit from our modern university library and many study clubs. Your social life can be rich thanks to many different ways of meeting people and enjoying your time together. You can do various sports in our campus, whether you like running, playing ball games, or hitting up the gym. We even have sport leagues for competitive types. And of course, there are some nice and quiet places for time with friends, both indoors and outdoors.

SBA offers accommodation at its Campus Na Vyhlídce, which is situated 3km from the main building (10 minutes by bus, 6 minutes by car). Students can rent our double rooms that are fully equipped with furniture, pillows and a blanket (bed sheets are also available and can be regularly changed by the students twice a month for no extra charge). Wi-Fi is included in the rent. Laundry services are available but not included in the rent. The students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. The common places such as the kitchen are maintained in order by the cleaning staff. The university canteen in the dormitory is currently not available. The reception is open 24/7.

Library and Computer Facilities

The university library is located at the campus and is state of the art, with tens of thousands of sources, many books are digitalized, students can use reading room, Internet access, multimedia computer classroom and multifunctional copy machine. All our buildings and campus are covered with free Wi-Fi network. All our buildings also have computer classrooms that can be freely used by our students anytime.


Students can eat at the schools private buffet where they can buy all the basic refreshments, salads, sweets as well as toiletries there. The university canteen is currently closed but the students can eat at the partner restaurants nearby. There is also a large selection of restaurants at the near main town square.

Student Accommodation

Dormitories "Na Vyhlídce" Building B: Two neighboring double rooms share a bathroom and a fridge. The fridge is available for a monthly fee according to the price list of services. The shared kitchen located on the same floor is equipped with a microwave oven and cookers. Dishes are not available.


Price / month:  EUR 133 (CZK 3,300)

Booking deposit (refundable): CZK 3,000