For those interested in studying

If you are wondering why to go to study for a doctorate, whether it is just for you, we have some information that can help you answer this question.

The doctoral study deepens the ability to work independently, analytically, and systematically and solve problems, critical thinking, quick search and evaluation of information, project management and, last but not least, team management.

The task of the doctoral student is not only his/her own education, but also his/her own research work. It should be at a level that can withstand international comparisons. Doctoral students regularly participate in scientific conferences and workshops at home and abroad and present the results of their work to an international professional audience. The dissertation should bring knowledge that will be important not only for the knowledge of your research topic but mainly for the shift of your scientific field.

Choosing the topic of the dissertation

If you have decided that the doctoral study is suitable for you, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to the choice of the topic of the dissertation. You can choose the topic of the dissertation from the listed topics of individual supervisors. The list of dissertation topics in Economics and Management is announced within the conditions of the admission procedure of the relevant academic year. It is also possible, upon agreement with the supervisor, to propose your own dissertation topic. In case you would like to have your own topic, it is also necessary to subsequently contact the Vice-Dean for Science and Research.

However, it is important that you enjoy the topic, and perceive its significance and purpose of researching it for several years. This motivation will then support you and lead you to a successful dissertation, which will be the result of several years of research in the given field.

The choice of the dissertation is also connected with the choice of the supervisor. A supervisor is a key person for the doctoral student. The supervisor provides feedback to the doctoral student, corrects his/her research, besides, the doctoral student and the supervisor have the opportunity to consult research, the fulfilment of an individual study plan or project solutions.

Course and possibilities of doctoral study

During the doctoral study, especially in the first years, the student passes professional exams and continuously proves that he/she is working on his/her dissertation. Also, he/she should continuously present the results of his/her work at scientific conferences and publish his/her scientific studies.

Students are involved in solving basic and applied research projects through internal or external research projects, such as the Student Grant Competition (SGS), Student Grand Foundation (SGF), Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GAČR), Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) or projects of the Moravian-Silesian Region. The solution of projects supports students' ability to work in a team, to solve a given research problem and to present research results at domestic and international conferences or to publish research results in scientific journals. The involvement of the doctoral student in the project team brings the possibility of obtaining funds to finance conference fees and other costs associated with participating in the conference and the possibility of obtaining a scholarship.

Doctoral students have the opportunity to go abroad and complete a study visit or internship abroad at one of the partner universities. They can gain knowledge and experience from a foreign research institute, improve their communication in English and work on their research in collaboration with foreign experts.

During the doctoral study, the emphasis is also placed on improving the level of the English language and the ability to process scientific articles and present research results in English.

As a rule, by the end of the 3rd year of doctoral studies, the student passes the state doctoral examination, which consists of theoretical knowledge and the defence of theses for the dissertation. The doctoral study is successfully completed by defending the dissertation.