Students with special needs

For students whose health, physical or mental condition is such that their participation in mobility would not be possible without additional financial support, Erasmus+ offers an increased grant amount to cover the costs of their mobility. Students with physical or mental disabilities, students requiring special diets or regular medical check-ups are reimbursed for the additional costs incurred as a result of providing the necessary conditions for their stay abroad. The costs incurred must be documented.

Students who are entitled to a social grant, receive child benefit, are caring for children or other dependants, are orphans or are in another difficult family or living situation are entitled to an increase in the relevant monthly grant amount by:

  • 250€/month for long-term mobility
  • 100€/mobility for short-term mobility of 1-14 days
  • 150€/mobility for short-term mobility of 15-30 days
  • Travel costs according to the current rates for short-term mobility.
For students of combined form of study, full-time students of selected study programmes, professional athletes, students who are prevented from participating in mobility by their employment or other commitments, students of doctoral study programmes and other groups of students with obstacles, Erasmus+ offers the possibility to participate in short-term combined mobility. This mobility is a combination of a short-term physical stay abroad of 5-30 days complemented by online study from the Czech Republic. Eligibility to participate in short-term mobility is assessed as part of the application and selection process. Short-term combined mobility is only possible to those countries and universities that offer this form of mobility.

For more information on the opportunities offered by Erasmus+, please contact the Faculty Coordinator Mrs. Unucková ( or the Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator.