Traineeship abroad in a foreign company, training / research center or other organization

  • Long-term traineeship can be carried out for a period of 2 - 12 months.
  • The student enrolled in an accredited study programme at the Silesian University (SU) may go on a study stay and/or traineeship of a maximum total duration of 12 months for each level of study, i.e. 12 months during the Bachelor's degree, another 12 months during the follow-up Master's degree, and then another 12 months during the Doctoral degree.
  • Students can go abroad in all forms of study (full-time and combined).
  • Students can go abroad already in the 1st year of their Bachelor studies.
  • The traineeship is provided by SU or an assigned intermediary institution.
  • The student may not interrupt or terminate his / her studies before or during his / her stay abroad. The participant of a traineeship abroad remains a student of SU SBA and all the rights and duties related to his / her status remain the same (including the duty of paying the tuition fee to the home institution).
  • Traineeship abroad is fully recognized within the study program at the home institution - by allocating credits or at least an entry in the Diploma Supplement.
  • The student arranges the traineeship himself / herself in cooperation with the faculty coordinator. The traineeship can be performed at a foreign higher education institution or in any other organization (companies, schools, authorities, NGOs, etc.). Traineeships may not take place in EU institutions, organizations managing EU programs and national diplomatic missions (embassies, consulates) of the student's home country or sending institution’s country abroad.
  • Short-term mobility of 5 - 30 days can be realized by students of combined form of study, full-time students of selected study programmes, professional athletes, students who are prevented from participating in mobility by their employment or other commitments, students of doctoral study programmes and other groups of students with obstacles. This type of mobility is complemented by a mandatory virtual component (not applicable to PhD students). Short-term combined mobility is only possible at institutions that offer this form of mobility.
  • Students can search for traineeships at:, DOREA Educational Institute or European Student Placement Agency.
  • The student performs full-time work on the basis of a pre-agreed work plan.
  • The student will receive a scholarship from the home institution in the form of a lump sum per month differentiated according to the host country. The student can also go abroad as a zero-grant-student, i.e. without receiving a scholarship, but with all the other benefits (recognition of an internship abroad) that the Erasmus+ program guarantees. Both options can also be combined (i.e. e.g. for a 6-month stay abroad 5 months scholarship + 1 month as a zero-grant-student).
  • The total amount of the scholarship is being calculated in accordance with the grant agreement.
  • Students with special needs or those coming from disadvantaged socio-economic environment have the opportunity to obtain an extra scholarship, which they must apply for according to the instructions of the Institutional Coordinator of the Erasmus+ program.
  • The student must keep and submit necessary documentation associated with his / her stay abroad.
  • The student is obliged to carry out the stay abroad within the term agreed in the grant agreement. Early return may lead to returning part of the awarded scholarship.
  • The right to an additional extension of the length of stay abroad does not arise automatically. A request can be submitted to the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator, who will decide on the extension.
  • Other useful information about the Erasmus+ program can be found on the website of Erasmus Student Network or at the official Erasmus+ program website.

Documentation for traineeships

Before mobility
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeships - an agreement between the student, SU and the host organization shall be uploaded to the SU Mobility System.
  • Grant Agreement - contains the rights and obligations of the participant of the Erasmus+ mobility. The participation contract is generated by the student in the SU Mobility System. Information on the amount of the grant is available here.
  • Students with special needs or those coming from disadvantaged socio-economic environment have the opportunity to obtain an extra scholarship, which they must apply for according to the instructions of the Institutional Coordinator of the Erasmus+ program.
  • OLS language assessment - before departure, it is necessary to assess your language skills in the Online Linguistic Support database.
During mobility
  • Extension of the mobility - in case the student is interested in extending the mobility, he / she can request an extension from the faculty / institutional coordinator no later than 1 month before the originally planned date of the end of the mobility. The request is sent via the mobility system.
After mobility
  • Traineeship certificate / Confirmation of mobility period - issued by the foreign host organization should mention the period of a traineeship and must be delivered in original to the International Relations Office and uploaded to the mobility system no later than 15 days after arrival from abroad. The student is obliged to comply with the length of the stay specified in the Grant Agreement. In case of early return (stay will be shorter by more than 5 days), the student is obliged to return the part of the scholarship belonging to the days by which the stay was shortened.
  • Final report - to be filled in by the student online via the EU Survey. The student will receive a request to fill in the report on his / her email.
  • Final OLS language assessment - just like before leaving, the student fills out an online language test. The student will receive an invitation to complete the test on his / her email.