The Department of Finance and Accounting is a team of highly erudite academics, lecturers, and researchers. The department guarantees the fields of study in Banking and Accounting and Taxes in the Bachelor’s studies and the field of study in Banking is also taught in the follow-up Master’s studies. Within the field of study in Business Economics and Management, the specialization in Corporate Finance is guaranteed by the Department too (in the Bachelor’s and follow-up Master’s studies) as well as the specialization in Accounting and Taxation Policy (in the follow-up Master’s studies). The fields of study and specializations,

due to their scope, correspond to modern trends in banking, finance, accounting, and taxation policy. In addition to expertise, an emphasis is placed on the ability to acquire, classify, and analyze professional information in a creative way, the ability to come up with one’s own opinion, along with presenting and defending it. Students are offered a wide range of courses oriented on finance, monetary theory, monetary policy, banking, payment and settlement system, insurance industry, corporate finance, public finance, financial markets, international finance, financial and accounting consultancy, and also in the field of accounting and tax law, international accounting, audit, cost and management accounting and tax records.

The research and pedagogical activities are developed at the Department of Finance and Accounting in close cooperation with other universities in Czechia and abroad. The members of the Department regularly publish in impacted and scholarly domestic and foreign journals, peer-reviewed proceedings from domestic and foreign conferences, and participate in the elaboration of monographs (also published with foreign publishers) and university textbooks and instructional texts.


School of Business Administration in Karviná
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Marcela Beránková