The project of Archa's intergenerational cooperation

  • Michal Stoklasa
  • 04.02.2019
Today, Archa's presentation was given at the international Triangle II Project "Multiplying the Impact through Cross-Sectoral Cooperation 2: 0" organized by the Professional Partner in the field of Social Management Petrklíč help, z.s. (Voluntary Association).

On Friday, January 18, a presentation of the Intergenerational Housing Project was held, supported by SU SBA and RESIDOMO, in the Archa community center in Karviná. It was attended not only by seniors who go there but also by our Ph.D. student Ing. Pavla Pokorná, as well as the participants of the international project Erasmus + under the name Triangle II "Multiplying the impact through cross-sectoral cooperation 2: 0" organized by the professional partner in the field of Social Management Petrklíč help, z.s. (Voluntary Association). The aim of the project is study visits to local municipalities, local NGOs where participants will have the opportunity to see projects implemented in the field of youth support along with the support of different types of partnerships. This will result in the transfer of good practice at the local and national level in their countries and the development of long-term and short-term strategies for involving young people as part of the motto "With young people and for them".

Participants from Armenia, Georgia, and Poland saw with their own eyes the presentation of the project, a flat that is offered to students who are doing volunteer work in the center and saw a demonstration of seniors' activities led by Pavla.

Foreign participants included:
Youth Initiative Center Gyumri; Armenia,, 5 people.
Youth Association DRONI; Georgia,, 7 people.
Fundacja Laja; Poland,, 5 people.

The video is available here at 12:56.