Introducing STARS Talks: Driving Regional Development Through Knowledge Exchange

  • Olha Hodunova
  • 12.04.2024
STARS EU has launched a program of online seminars in which specialists from the various areas that are part of the alliance will present innovative projects and proposals based on science and knowledge with the potential to support regional development.

Under the name of Stars Talks, these interventions will be open to the entire public on the Zoom platform, and their format will be simple: the talks will be short (between 15 and 45 minutes) and there will be time for the public to debate and ask questions. It is planned that there will be one of these STARS EU Talks every month, ten in total each year. 

The dates and speakers of the first three are already known: 

  • April 17, María José Ferreira, Director of Research and Quality of the Portuguese Footwear Research Center, will present “Portuguese footwear cluster – Innovative green materials, processes and products”. Link of the event:
  • May 15, Mikael Ericsson (University West) will speak on “Sustainable Industry – A New Thematic Interest Group”
  • June 19, José Sigut Saavedra (University of La Laguna) will speak about “Medical Diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence – Application to Retinal Images”

All of them will begin at 13:00 (CET), accessed through the Zoom link below.

More information is available at