A new book on the development of the Czech economy

  • Lenka Přečková
  • 17.04.2024
The renowned international publishing house Emerald Publishing has published the book "Modeling Economic Growth in Contemporary Czechia". The editors and co-authors of this unique publication are prof. Daniel Stavárek and doc. Michal Tvrdoň from the School of Business Administration. The book is divided into four parts. It deals in detail with various aspects of the Czech economy - from the dynamics of economic development and the setting of economic policy, through the functioning of markets, to an analysis of the contribution of individual industrial sectors to economic growth. This structure allows the reader to gain a comprehensive view of how the Czech economy is developing and what influences its development.

An interesting feature of the publication is that it has been written by experts from several Czech universities, namely the Silesian University in Opava, the Mendel University in Brno, the Technical University in Ostrava, the University of Pardubice and the University of Economics in Prague. The authors of the individual chapters include a total of 18 academic staff from the School of Business Administration, namely from the Department of Finance and Accounting, the Department of Economics and Public Administration and the Department of Informatics and Mathematics. Collaboration within a broad cross-university collective brings diverse perspectives and a deep understanding of economic processes, which is crucial for anyone interested in economic growth and development.

"Modeling Economic Growth in Contemporary Czechia" is the first book of its kind to comprehensively address economic development in Czechia. Detailed contents are available on the Emerald website.