The Department of Informatics and Mathematics (DIM) guarantees the Bachelor's and follow-up Master's degree program in "System Engineering and Informatics" with the field of study in "Managerial Informatics". Study forms are full-time and part-time.

In addition to courses within the above field of study, the DIM provides basic and advanced courses in academic informatics, mathematics, and statistics in all other fields of study and all forms of study at the School of Business Administration (SBA).

The main topic of the DIM covering the research and development activity of the DIM is research in the field of intelligent decision support techniques, which corresponds to the requirements of the guarantee of the field of study in Managerial Informatics and is consistent with all courses taught within other fields of study at the SBA. This topic is further extended to "Modeling and Simulation of Socio-Economic Systems", "Support for decision-making and optimization of systems using mathematical and statistical methods" and "Intelligent systems", in which research activities focus on information systems in relation to corporate practice , programming, e-business, the creation of modern web applications, business and competitive intelligence, applied mathematics with a focus on mathematical programming under uncertainty conditions (application of stochastic and fuzzy approaches), the analysis of time series, multi-criteria decision making (Analytical hierarchical process – AHP), artificial intelligence methods (genetic algorithms and neural networks) and their applications in customer relationship management systems and processes (CRM) and in small and medium-sized businesses.


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