STARS EU Alliance introduces Nova, the official quarterly newsletter!

  • Olha Hodunova
  • 20.03.2024
STARS EU Alliance introduces the inaugural Newsletter: Nova! Join and keep yourself updated on the latest progress within the alliance.

A nova (pl. : novae or novas) is a transient astronomical event that causes the sudden appearance of a bright, apparently "new" star (hence the name "nova", which is Latin for "new") that slowly fades over weeks or months. Nova symbolizes new beginnings and highlights the fresh initiatives and collaborations within our alliance.

As part of the STARS EU Alliance, Nova will keep us informed about the latest projects, developments, and endeavours as we work together towards our goals. This edition contains information about the STARS EU offices, submitted reports and upcoming events. There are also helpful links to connect with STARS EU online.

Stay tuned for exciting updates.