ISS 2024 saw our students achieve the 2nd and 3rd positions!

  • Michal Stoklasa
  • 28.04.2024
For the 22nd time, students from the School of Business Administration competed in the prestigious “International Student Seminar on Management and Financial Issues”, a platform bursting with emerging talent. Join us to uncover more about this event.

On April 25th and 26th, students from the Silesian University, School of Business Administration, and their peers from Rzeszów University of Technology, Faculty of Management, contended in the 22nd annual competition for the best presentation at an international seminar teeming with talent. This year, the event unfolded online via Microsoft Teams for the eighth time, enabling participants to demonstrate their online presentation skills, regardless of their location - whether at home or on an Erasmus+ internship. The competitive spirit thrived in the virtual space, with 27 students from various corners of the globe, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, and Egypt, vying for the attention of a jury composed of six renowned academics. Representing our faculty were 16 courageous students from all forms of study, led by Dr. Stoklasa and supported by the International Relations Office, striving for excellence.

The essence of the seminar is the art of students presenting their ideas, evaluated both for style and content within a 10-minute time frame. This year’s dominant themes included ecological sustainability, innovative marketing strategies, and business management, as well as various student initiatives including seminar and thesis projects. Following each presentation, an interactive phase ensued where students faced probing questions from a distinguished jury made up of prominent academics from both participating universities. Our gratitude goes to these experts - Ing. Daniel Kvíčala, Ph.D., Mgr. Lubomír Nenička, Ph.D., Marzena Hajduk-Stelmachowicz, Ph.D., Pawel Perz, Ph.D., Paulina Bełch, Ph.D., and the tireless organizer and moderator, Ing. Michal Stoklasa, Ph.D. - for their invaluable contributions and feedback, crucial for student development.

The seminar traditionally culminates in a “Closing Ceremony”, a moment charged with anticipation, where the top students are announced. These students not only receive a scholarship of 2,000 CZK but also valuable prizes for their hard work. This year, the jury faced the daunting task of selecting the best from an array of impressive presentations. Some captivated the jury with their stylistic execution, others with their meticulous scientific approach to problem-solving, and some with perfect teamwork coordination. Yet, there were those who combined all these elements with something extra - a unique spark that propelled them into the top five. First place was secured by Polish student Anna Lesiak with the contribution “Aviation transport analysis - Rzeszow Jasionka Airport”. The second shared place was taken by our student Patrik Vašíček with the contribution “ESG” and the Polish team Emilia Stollberg and Maciej Smęt with the presentation “Consumer awareness related to cosmetic products tested on animals”. Third place was claimed by our students Karin Bartulcová and Natálie Hotáková with the contribution “Social media and influencer marketing”. Fourth place belonged to Polish student Julia Zielińská with the contribution “Increasing trend of caring about our ecosystem among young people”. And the fifth place was attained by our Pavel Kopczyk with the contribution “You(th) and WATER- Water is a critical and indispensable resource for all EU countries, playing a fundamental role in sustaining life, ensuring public health, and driving economic activities”. Congratulations to all awarded students, and thanks to everyone involved, the jury, and both faculties. We look forward to the next event.