Business Gate Academy for international students

  • Veronika Novotná
  • 26.10.2023
Business Gate Academy is an opportunity for all students to put their skills and ideas into practice. It is a unique partnership between our university and companies. In Business Gate Academy, students work on real business cases and receive credits upon course completion.

Who are we looking for?

It doesn’t matter if you are a first year undergraduate or a final year student. You don’t even need to understand all the specialties like PPC, SEO or creating top-notch content. All of this can be taught. We want right-minded people in our ranks. Optimistic curious people who believe there are possibilities, they just haven’t discovered them yet. People with perseverance, who don’t give up when faced with a dead end.

How does it work?

The Business Gate Academy programme is designed for all students including Erasmus+ students and it takes place every semester, just like other courses.

  1. Selection process: The selection process usually takes place in the beginning of the semester. The selection process takes place through an assessment centre, just like in any innovative company. No need to stress though, we are students just like you.
  2. Becoming a team member: Once the team-leaders like you, one of them will contact you on the phone to tell you the happy news. Together with about four new friends, you’ll work on a predetermined assignment from a real company.
  3. Meeting the client: Together with the team you will go on a trip to the company you will be creating an assignment for. A cool opportunity for internal analysis of the company. You’ll get a sniff of the very essence of the company’s existence, which will help you to empathise with the project.
  4. Working on a project: You’ll meet at least once a week in Business Gate meeting rooms. A more experienced team-leader will organise and monitor your progress, so expect to do homework too.
  5. After work comes fun: Business Gate is frequented by like-minded people who want to grow, enjoy life and are open to anything new. We try to organize events a few times a semester where you are always welcome.
  6. Presenting the project results: Together with the team, you will present your deliverables to the sponsor. This is an opportunity to show what you have and to convince the sponsor that it is worth continuing with the team or buying the work done.
  7. Implementation: If the outcome is going to have a value for the supplier and you will mutually agree, you will implement what you and the team have agreed. If your work is more of a piece of work, you may even sell it. It depends on how you and the company agree.

What can you get out of it?

  • practical experience
  • find passion
  • new contacts and friends
  • skills such as creativity, communication, presentation, professionalism or tenacity
  • certificate on completion
  • 4 credits (within voluntary / facultative courses - OPFBABG1 or OPFNABG1)*

*Credits for this course are granted upon completion of this course together with the course enrollment. So you don't need to enroll in this course in IS SU (our information system) at this point! You will only see the course in your study agenda in IS SU upon completion and not throughout the semester.

Are you interested?

Come to Business Gate center (address: Poštovní 615/9, Karviná – Fryštát 733 01) for a short interview on Friday 27/10/2023 at 9:00AM. You can also contact Sampras (at who is the team leader of our internationl team this semester for more information.

This semester, the project will be centered around "Zeleny eshop," an eco-conscious online store. This project is an opportunity for you to actively participate in a user reaction and design idea initiative to enhance online shopping experience.

What to expect:

During the interview, we will discuss the project's goals and how you can contribute. We are seeking creative and passionate students interested in sustainability to provide valuable user feedback, suggestions, and design ideas for "Zeleny eshop." This is a chance to make a meaningful impact and promote a green and healthy lifestyle. Your insights and creativity are highly valued, and we are eager to work together to make this project a success.

Find more information or student testimonials at

Business Gate, a multifunctional center for the promotion of entrepreneurship and business support, was founded and is operated by the statutory city of Karviná, in cooperation with the School of Business Administration in Karvina of the Silesian University in Opava with the participation of other partners.