Welcome Days for the first time with a non-traditional game

  • Veronika Novotná
  • 07.10.2023
Before the beginning of each semester, the faculty organizes Welcome Days (WD) for international students, the aim of which is to bring new international students closer to each other, introduce them to study matters and have a bit of fun.

Author: Veronika Maťková

The WDs were held on 20-22 September 2023 and were implemented by our seventeen-member international Buddy Team. So far this semester we have been able to welcome approximately 12 students from Turkey, Spain, India, Bangladesh, Ghana, as well as students from China after a nearly three-year covid pause.

This year's WD program was spiced up with an unusual element of fun. On Wednesday, we decided to discover the picturesque border town of Těšín, which is situated on the territory of two countries - Czechia and Poland.  We connected our visit to the town with a hike up Filípka Mountain in the nearby Beskydy Mountains, thus introducing one of the most popular Czech sports to the foreign students - hiking. On Thursday, the enrolment of students took place, there was also a briefing on the faculty's information systems and a visit to Business Gate.

On Friday, students got to know Karviná in an unconventional way - by treasure hunting! The students were randomly divided into two teams and had to navigate around the city using only a paper map with no mobile phones allowed. The first team that discovered the treasure after completing the tasks on the route around Karviná won a voucher for refreshments at the local bistro Bokovka. Welcome Days are successfully over and we wish the students many valuable experiences in Karviná and a rich student life!