Information for prospective students coming from Ukraine after February 24, 2022

For general information about study in Opava for students with Ukrainian citizenship after February 24, 2022, please see the university webpage at

Short-term mobility enrolment

Short-term enrolment is possible into any of the study programs listed below. This form of enrolment makes it possible to immediately start attending courses (i.e. even in the middle of a semester). The student is required to have had, by February 24 2022, a student status in a closely related study program at a university in Ukraine.

The student needs to sign a Learning Agreement which specifies which courses the student will be attending (and will take exams in, when the semester ends). No degree is awarded upon the end of the study period.

The deadline for application is 30th April 2023 (for summer semester 2022/23).

The deadline for application is 30th June (for winter semester 2023/2024)

The deadline for application is 30th November (for summer semester 2023/2024).

Students interested in short-term mobility shall contact the Erasmus+ coordinator of the Faculty of Public Policies: Jana Bortlíková, e-mail:, tel: +420 553 684 142

Study language

The short-term students may select the from the offer of courses taught in English designed for exchange students as well as from the courses in standard study programmes taught in Czech.

The list of courses is to be found here:

Financial support

Financial support for Ukrainian citizens after February 24, 2022, is available in the following amount, subject to availability of funds (we hope to be able to offer this support at least until the end of 2022):

  • 15.000 CZK/month for short-term mobility students, at most until August 2022,

and it is subject to satisfactory performance of the student (attendance of classes etc.).

Applications for financial support can be submitted after enrolment, via the contact given.

Tuition fees

No tuition fees are required.

Study programs

Bachelor Study Programs

Standard Study Duration: 3 years

Master study programs

Standard Study Duration: 2 years

Doctoral study programs

Standard Study Duration: 3 years


Accommodation in dormitory is possible subject to availability; for prices etc. see


For further information please contact the International Relations Office of the faculty: Jana Bortlíková, e-mail:, tel: +420 553 684 142