Home university coordinators should nominate prospective Erasmus+ students in our mobility system. Nomination link with instructions is sent to each partner university coordinator by e-mail. Upon such nomination, students receive a unique link by e-mail to access our mobility system and complete their e-application

How to complete e-application:
In order to apply, students need to:
  1. select courses they would like to study at our university
  2. fill out and submit online application
  3. upload or complete required documents inside the application:
    • signed and scanned application form
    • passport copy
    • Learning Agreement
    • health insurance
    • accommodation application, etc.

In case of any questions, please contact the Erasmus+ faculty coordinator: Ms. Jana Bortlíková (, +420 553 684 142).

Application Deadlines

Winter term

Summer term

15 June

15 November

Learning agreement/Courses

1. Select courses you would like to study

2. Fill-in the Learning Agreement via EWP (Erasmus without Paper) platform. Please consult the procedure and steps with your home coordinator.