Before Arrival

Home university coordinators should nominate prospective Erasmus+ students in our mobility system. Nomination link with instructions is sent to each partner university coordinator by e-mail. Students nominated by their home coordinators receive a unique link by e-mail to access our mobility system and complete their  e-application

In order to apply, students need to:
  1. select courses they would like to study at our university
  2. fill out and submit online application
  3. upload or complete required documents inside the application such as:
    • signed and scanned application form
    • passport copy
    • Learning Agreement
    • health insurance
    • accommodation application, etc.

Acceptance letter and other visa documents for non-EU students will be available for download inside the e-application. Original visa documents are mailed to home university coordinators or sent to individual students upon prior agreement.

Before arrival you will be contacted by a student (buddy) from the Erasmus Club in order to help you with transport to Opava, pick you up on your arrival, take you to dormitory and show you the city and surroundings. Your buddy will also help you with integration to the student community and student life at our Faculty. He or she will become your first new Czech friend. The buddy system is a student organization whose aim is to help the international students with their arrival and stay in a foreign country. They guides the Erasmus students, help them to become familiar with the town, region and university and also organize some free-time activities such as trips, cultural events, parties etc. 

The Erasmus Club is here to help you to integrate with Czech culture during your stay at our faculty. Its members are voluntary students who will be ready to help you with orientation in the new environment. The Erasmus student club will be at your disposal for whole term of your stay at our faculty.

After Arrival

Exchange students coming to study at the Faculty of Public Policies in Opava (FPP) will obtain necessary information about their study from the International Relations Office. First of all, the students should arrive to the hall of residence to be accommodated. The students will sign a contract about accommodation and will have to pay for the first month. Please visit our International Office at the Department of Foreign Affairs to collect your welcome package which includes maps, information notes and brochures about our faculty. Your buddy will help you to apply for your student card. 

Study at FPP

The students will attend the lectures and seminars according to the subjects they applied for in their learning agreements. The exact timetable will be established during the first week of tuition. In case students need to make changes to their study plans, they should fill in the Learning Agreement - During Mobility in the mobility system.

At the end of the semester the students are expected to pass the exams. The exact dates of exam period are different for each academic year. 

Information system  -

Access to IS SU and registration

The students receive the registration data from the faculty coordinator.

How to register (the language can be changed in the right upper corner).

Study materials

Students will be automatically enrolled to the selected courses according to the Learning agreement. The study materials and other additional information from the teachers can be found in the after registration of the student. The students are expected to check the content of the study materials and assigned tasks for the respective courses.

Instruction manual 

Wi-fi access 

The information can be found here. 

Before Departure

The students are obliged to inform the coordinator about the exact date of their departure at least one month before the departure.

After the mobility, students are issued:

  • Transcript of Records which includes the list of all courses taken, grades and ECTS credits obtained.
  • Confirmation of Study Period (or Letter of Attendance) which confirms the mobility period and states the dates of the student's arrival and departure.

All mobility documents will be available for download inside the student's e-application. Original documents can be mailed to home university coordinators or handed to individual students upon prior agreement.

The students should inform the Department of Halls of Residence and Canteens about their departure at least two weeks in advance so that the deposit could be returned.

Fee for waste management

Foreigners staying in Opava for more than 3 months are required to pay a municipal waste fee of 660 CZK, which is proportional to the length of stay. The sum must be paid by the 15th day of the following month at the cash office of the Municipality of city Opava.

The office hours at Horní náměstí 67, Opava

Mon.     8.00–11.30      12.00–17.00

Tues.     8.00–11.30      12.00–14.00

Wed.     8.00–11.30      12.00–17.00

Thurs.   8.00–11.30      12.00–14.00

Fri.         8.00–11.30      12.00–14.00

The office hours at Krnovská 71B, Opava

Mon.    8.00–11.30      12.00–17.00

Tues.    closed

Wed.    8.00–11.30      12.00–17.00

Thurs.  8.00–11.30      12.00–14.00

Fri.        8.00–11.30      12.00–14.00