About the Institute

The Institute provides Bachelor's and Master's degree instruction in the study programme Public Administration and Social Policy.

It cooperates with a number of government and public administration institutions, especially with the Municipality of the Statutory City of Opava. Other natural partners are organizations providing social care and charitable organizations. As an integral part of the Institute’s activity, the Institute and its students take part in the implementation of humanitarian activities and cooperation with NGOs, including volunteering.

The Institute staff is involved in the implementation of mainly applied research projects funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.


Head of the Institute:    doc. Ing. Ladislav Průša, CSc.

                                          e-mail: ladislav.prusa@fvp.slu.cz, tel: +420 553 684 131

Institute´s Office:          Bezručovo nám. 885/14, 746 01 

                                          contact person: Zuzana Recmanová, e-mail: zuzana.recmanovafvp.slu.cztel: +420 553 684 130

Webpage:                         https://www.slu.cz/fvp/cz/uvsrponas