Bachelor’s programme, vocationally oriented full-time and part-time study

The goal of the branch of study is to prepare professionally capable and ethically responsible professionals for the sphere of public administration and social policy. The general concept of studies supports comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to problems and cultivates the graduates’ key competences. The graduates will be prepared and able to assess and perform independently basic professional administration, control, consulting and other activities; they can hold managerial posts at lower management levels in the sphere of public administration, social and regional policy. They can find employment in implementation of local social policy and in solving social problems in self-government authorities, in public sector organizations and non-profit organizations, in areas of education and health care as well as in private sphere at general and regional level. The graduates are prepared for practice of professions in administration departments / divisions of public administration organizations. Additionally to adequate professional competences, they also dispose of advanced knowledge of use of ICT in the areas of self-government activities and social reality mapping.

The graduate from the Bachelor program can apply the potential of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in practice, but can also continue studying in the second cycle, i.e. in subsequent Master studies of Public Administration and Social Policy.

The graduate will be able to
  • to work in public administration organizations
  • to gain qualification for the social worker profession
  • to gain excellent communication skills and to be able to communicate with people in extreme situations
  • thanks to qualified orientation in legislation and law to help people in difficult life situations
 Study subjects

  • General, developmental and social psychology, psychopathology,
  • Administrative law, public administration, social and legal counselling, social and legal protection of children and youth
  • Social work with minorities and migrants, inter-cultural communication,
  • Social sciences (ethics, sociology, philosophy)
Vocational instruction
  • Four compulsory subjects of professional work experience with supervised seminars, in the total scope of 312 hours, one half taking place in the field of public administration, the other in social policy and social work
  • Students can gain practical work experience, for example in bodies of local government units, in the Czech Social Security Administration, in branches of the Labour Office, working in social care services in facilities providing social counselling, bodies of socio-legal child protection, at the Probation and Mediation Service
Labour-Market Employment
  • All levels of management in public administration
  • Exercise of state administration, public administration, e.g. in the Labor Office of the Czech Republic, in municipalities, Regional Offices, with Czech Police, Customs Administration, Probation and Mediation Service
  • Co-creators or coordinators of social policy, in solving social problems
  • Work with minorities and community work
  • Social workers for provision of social services, for assistance in material need, for socio-legal child protection, with providers of health services, in prisons, detention facilities for foreigners and asylum facilities.
 As part of your study, you can

  • cooperate with faculty and research centres and participate in the collection or processing of partial data in research projects and contracts