About the Institute

Provides education in Bachelor’s study programmes Social Pathology and Prevention and Educational Care for the Elderly. It primarily focused on the field of prevention of socio-pathological phenomena.

The Institute cooperates with the Czech Police, with the Psychiatric Hospital in Opava, the Opava Charity, the Children's Centre Cloverleaf (Čtyřlístek) in Opava, the public benefit NGO Elim Opava, and a number of primary schools and other organizations.

As part of its activity, the Institute solves scientific applied research projects, for example, Sociological Monitoring of Educational Inputs and Outputs in Children and Pupils with Special Needs in the Czech Republic, or the project Professional Readiness of Primary School Teachers in the Area of Risky Behaviour and Its Prevention in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Every year since 2007, the Institute and its University workplace, the Cloverleaf Children's Centre, organize a conference focused on the issues of the contemporary family and regularly since 2002, the lecture series "The Human Under the Magnifying Glass of Social Disciplines" is held 4 times a year.


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