Bachelor’s program, vocationally oriented full-time and part-time study

Graduates are prepared
  • to understand the nature of risk behaviour and find ways to prevent it
  • to work with children, adults and seniors actively
  • to assist individuals and groups of people who may be at risk or in social exclusion
Some contents of the study
  • social pathology, sociology of deviant behaviour, criminology and victimology
  • preventive programs, participatory methods
  • developmental psychology, personality psychology, social psychology, psychopathology
  • pedagogy, special education
Vocational instruction
  • four types of compulsory work experience under the supervision of trainers, e.g. in the after-school centres, low-threshold centres, contact centres, shelter houses, nursing homes, facilities for people with disabilities, educational institutions, in a prison or mental hospital
Labour-market employment
  • the graduates have the status of a social worker under Act No. 108/2006 Coll., on social services
  • worker in social services, low-threshold centres, contact centres, shelter houses, facilities for physically disabled persons or senior citizens, penitentiary facilities and post-penitentiary care facilities, prevention methodology in civic associations, charitable societies, NGOs in the field of prevention of risk behaviour
  • worker in institutional care, protective and preventive educational care
  • educational staff in leisure centres
  • trainer / coordinator of primary prevention of risk behaviour