Bachelor’s program, vocationally oriented part-time study

The study responds to demographic forecasts, current changes, needs and trends of education in the elderly in the Czech Republic. The three-year bachelor's single-subject combined study is focused on the preparation of qualified specialists for the education of seniors - in the current broad concept of leisure time, academic (U3A), educational institutions or work in specialized institutions seniors (senior / retirement homes, clubs, day care centers…).

The study emphasizes the preparation of students for practical applications of modern adult education so that they can meet the goals of conceptual government documents for lifelong learning and preparation for old age in accordance with the legitimate expectations of participants - seniors and in conjunction with effective educational forms, participatory methods and resources.

The study  is based on the concept of social pedagogy focusing on the educational dimension in working with the elderly and is based on knowledge of pedagogy, andragogy, gerontagogy, general and developmental psychology (psychology of aging and age), personality psychology, social psychology, health psychology, social gerontology, sociology and other disciplines that enhance the graduate's competence profile.