About the Institute

The scientific research and other activities of the department’s researchers focus on the current issues of inclusive education with an emphasis on the education of pupils in danger of failure at school and pupils with special educational needs, as well as at developing cooperation between the university and field practice, focusing especially on the issues of opportunity equalization for disabled citizens in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

The Institute of Special Pedagogy cooperates with primary and tertiary schools and universities not only in the Czech Republic, but also Poland, Spain, Croatia, the Netherlands and other countries. This cooperation represents an area of innovation and exchange of best practices at institutions which focus on the provision of equal access to education and on the support of maximum potential development of persons with special needs.

The students are motivated to join the currently implemented projects, research and other activities of the department (conferences, workshops), including the Erasmus + program. The graduates will be prepared to invest their professional and special knowledge, skill and competence into the development of the personal potential in the target group whose needs have been marginalized for a long time and who are still faced with negative prejudices and stereotypes in the general public. 

The faculty facilities provide conditions for training in practical skills of students also in specialized classrooms (multisensory Snoezelen room, instructional flat).

In the context of Life-Long Learning, we provide an educational programme for qualified pedagogical workers which is to deepen their professional competence by broadening their theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the implementation of inclusive education.

The department staff present their findings at national and international conferences, publish them in professional peer-reviewed journals, proceedings and professional monographs. They participate actively in organization and involvement in other regional and national activities (round-table discussions, Scientists' Night, Prevention Days, volunteering).


Head of the Institute:    doc. Mgr. Eva Zezulková, Ph.D.

                                        e-mail: eva.zezulkova@fvp.slu.cz, tel: +420 553 684 175

Institute´s Office            Bezručovo nám. 885/14, 746 01 Opava

                                        contact person: Ing. Iveta Šupíková, e-mail: iveta.supikova@fvp.slu.cz, tel: +420 553 684 170 

Webpage:                       https://www.slu.cz/fvp/cz/usponas (Czech version)