Bachelor’s programme full-time and part-time study

Objectives of the study:

  • prepare professionals in the field of special education for the application of contact educational and motivational activities aimed at persons with physical, psychological and social disabilities and disadvantages, with an emphasis on prevention of secondary consequences
  • educate professionals to be able to solve problems of special education based on general assignment, especially the practical application of theoretical knowledge of special education concepts and methods
  • gain the ability to independently acquire additional professional knowledge and skills not only in terms of independently learning theoretical findings of the discipline, but also in terms of evaluation and self-evaluation of practical experience
  • in the area of intervention, attention will be especially paid to special education diagnosis and counselling

Study subjects:

  • general pedagogy, special pedagogy, psychology
  • introduction to terminology of selected medical fields 
  • practical instruction 
Nový obrázek
Nový obrázek