Bachelor’s study program, vocationally oriented full-time and part-time study

The graduates from the study program of Specialization in Pedagogy, branch of Social Pathology and Prevention, can find and are finding broad opportunities of employment particularly in low-threshold centres, contact centres, asylum homes, in management of handicapped persons, seniors, in social area, etc. That is confirmed also by the amendment of Act on social services, included in Legal Collection from July 1, 2009 as Act No. 206/2009 Coll., amending the Act on social services and some other acts. The amendment includes modification of § 110 para. 4 letter b) that integrates newly also the branch of social pathology among the branches of university studies conditioning the professional qualification of social workers. That fact has led to increase the number of practical lessons to approximately 300 hours.

Within the ESF developmental project, “Social-pathological phenomena in pre-graduate education”, CZ.1.07/2.2.00/ 07.0034, the students have been offered narrow-profile subjects (Telephonic Crisis Intervention, Internet Consulting, Preventive Programs, Adventure Pedagogy, Volunteerism, Volunteer Practice). At present, the subjects of Adventure Pedagogy, Preventive Programs, Volunteerism and Volunteer Practice are taught by the Institute employees within the project sustainability since the creation of the Faculty.