When the Institute passed to the newly created Faculty (2008), the direction of its main scientific and research activities was set: “Pedagogical, psychological and social-pathological aspects of changes of the Czech family of the 21st century”. The contents orientation is primarily focused on the family of the Moravian-Silesian Region, on the opportunities of its development and potential threats. Within that main research direction, partial goals are set and gradually implemented through tasks whose intermediate results are to be presented at national or international conferences, in anthologies or professional articles and publications. The partial goals set constitute topics planned for GAČR and TAČR scientific-research projects as well as for other grant invitations. The research task is fulfilled based on partial research investigations; the description of theoretical base is implemented by their analysis and solution.

The professional profile of the Institute has been implemented by project activity; the employees have been involved in the GAČR research project called “Quality of life of children and adolescents” (principal investigator: prof. PhDr. Jiří Mareš, CSc., LF UK Hradec Králové), as well as in the ESF OP VK research project, “Social-pathological phenomena in pregraduate education”, etc. At present, the Institute is actively cooperating with a number of foreign universities, particularly from Slovakia and Poland, e.g. with FF UKF in Nitra.