Master’s programme, full-time and part-time study

The subsequent Master study program of Social Policy and Social Work follows up the Bachelor study program of Social Policy and Social Work, accredited at FVP SU, and continues naturally the social work programs respecting the Minimum educational standard of social work. The program builds the knowledge framework of political and social context of social problems, details and differences of national approach to the topics solved within the European space, as well as of orientation of social policy and public administration from the perspective of their response to new economic and social challenges. At the same time, the program is focused on cultivation of the students’ key competences, which means that it strives to shape a broad profile of the graduate from Master studies with integrated general and specialized education. The subject structure is focused on clarification of priorities of achieving social cohesion in conditions of creation of inclusive society in which the individual is able to participate fully and universally.

The lessons of subsequent Master studies take place in full-time form in module system. The two-year study is designed in compliance with community needs and possibilities of the school, with specialization on coordination of social and economic policy in issues of social exclusion and social integration in conditions of local and regional administration.

The classes take place in two blocs of compulsory and compulsory-optional subjects. The studies consist of two modules:

  • Module of social policy and social work (e.g. Social security law, Labour market in EU and free movement of labour, Theory and methodology of science, Social issues from the aspect of gender, Psychopathology, community work, Social gerontology, Unemployment as social problem, community projects, Social-psychological training, Chapters from history of social work and selected personalities of the branch, Family sociology, Life cycle, Economics and administration of social security).
  • Module of public administration and regional policy is based on subject issues of three thematic areas. They include the issues of solution of problems of the modern society (Human and society in modern philosophy, Issues of family identity), political and administration issues of regions (International political and administration regions, Political system of the Czech Republic, Inter-ethnic problems in frontier regions) and issues of local administration and administration law (Finance management in local administration, Public administration in Central Europe, European administration law, Law of municipalities and regions of the Czech Republic).

The classes put emphasis on solution of practical tasks, communication with practice, work with advanced software, and supports the students’ capability of independent research (e.g. the subjects of Introduction in theory and methodology of science, Social issues from gender aspect), or of presenting their own community work projects (the subject of Community projects). The program leads the student to understand the importance of lifelong education and motivates the student to further development also by making use of modern information technologies in the classes.