Foreign students who intend to study at the Faculty of Public Policy are required to complete and submit the following documents:


Application Form

Learning Agreement


Signed by the departmental and institutional coordinator, your home university sends the Student Application Form and the Learning Agreement to the faculty coordinator of the Faculty of Public Policies (Mgr. Jiří Mašata) until June 22 for the winter semester and October 22 for the summer semester.

After we receive the printed application forms, the accommodation is arranged automatically at one of SU´s hall of residences and students do not have to apply specially for the accommodation.

It is recommended to arrive in Opava one week before the beginning of the semester.

Students from Non - EU countries:

The students from Non-EU countries (e.g  Turkey) are required to contact the Czech embassy in their home country to get relevant information regarding the visa application procedure. We recommend to apply for visa at least three months or more  before  the day of your arrival to the Czech Republic to be sure to get visa on time.


Mgr. Jana Bortlíková
Erasmus Faculty Coordinator
Department of  International Relations
Faculty of Public Policies
Silesian University in Opava
Bezručovo náměstí 885/14
746 01 Opava
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 553 684 142