Bachelor’s programme, vocationally oriented full-time study

Three-year undergraduate medical degree programme designed for those who wish to obtain professional qualification to become dental hygienists. The programme is full-time. Professional skills are divided into basic, specialized and highly specialized and are based on the applicable laws of the Czech Republic.

Objectives of the study

  • to prepare professionals who will be able to perform professional and specialist activities in the field of oral hygiene, prevention of hard dental and periodontal diseases and in the field of basic dentistry, cooperating with a professional dentist and a general nurse
  • educate healthcare professionals who are familiar with the principles of oral hygiene and can apply their knowledge in professional practice
  • main specializations in the Dental Hygiene degree programme are prevention, paradontology, oral hygiene and conservative dentistry

Study subjects

  • anatomy, pathology, dentistry, first aid, microbiology, epidemiology, and other clinical disciplines aimed at preventing disease and providing basic diagnostics in dentistry
  • training of manipulation with medical instruments and materials employed in dental hygiene and dentistry
  • practical training of comprehensive dental hygiene treatment