The graduates are prepared to

  • perform entrance and maintenance examination of the oral cavity, including taking history, assessing the state of the periodont and soft tissues, as well as evaluating the indicative state of teeth and tooth decay
  • remove plaque and calculus, polish tooth surface using prophylactic materials, smoothen tooth roots and to perform closed curettage and apply topical medicines
  • remove pigmentation using prophylactic materials and special devices and perform removal of plaque retention sites and finish surfaces of fillings
  • perform professional teeth cleaning, whitening and minor aesthetic modifications, treatment of sensitive dentine and application of prophylactic materials
  • establish individual treatment plans of dental hygiene and based on them, perform conservative non-surgical initial, maintenance and support treatment
  • teach patients proper hygiene and oral care, educate them on the necessity of healthy diet in the prevention of dental caries
  • cooperate with the dentist closely and educate themselves in their profession continually