Small university = more opportunities

  • We are small and young public university
  • We are a proud member of STARS EU Alliance and a member of the European University Association
  • Our faculties and higher education institutes provide students with professional education owing to its dedicated teachers, friendly environment and modern facilities. During their studies, students gain knowledge from selected fields of study, get acquainted with specific solutions, different teaching methods, new procedures, new culture and establish personal contacts important for their future professional careers in a global economy.
  • Upon graduation students will also receive a diploma supplement that recognises their qualifications abroad.

At SU, students are not just an item on the list:

  • 84% of current students recommend studying at SU to others
  • 73% of graduates say: studying at SU could be adapted to my individual needs
  • 17,2 :1 is the students - teachers ratio
  • The “buddy” program run by our local student volunteers assists newcomers with better accommodation on a new campus.

We support the talented, active and disadvantaged:

  • 47% of our students get a scholarship, e.g.:
    • Up to 60,000 CZK for successful investigators of student competitions 
    • an additional 400 CZK per month for disadvantaged students
    • the average amount of the scholarship CZK 16,194 CZK (660€)
  • Our Support Centre helps with academic and personal difficulties and creates suitable conditions for students with special needs

We are based in towns with an amazing atmosphere

  • Opava and Karviná - 2 towns full of adventure
  • Over 300 cultural events per year in each of the towns
  • The Czechia is one of the safest countries in the world.
  • reasonable living cost - (350-450€/moth including dormitories)
  • 100% of successful dormitory applicants