Once you have properly completed the electronic application for the issue of a student, employee or alumni card, your student, employee or alumni card will be inserted into the system for production. In the case of an application for a card with one of the ISIC/ITIC/ALIVE licenses, it is also necessary  to  pay a cashless fee of CZK 250 per license (no later than 30 days from the submission of the application).

The production time depends on the amount of applications processed (the period of the academic year). Currently there is only one card printer available that is very faulty, so the production of the card may be delayed. We are working hard to address the situation and 2 new printers will be available soon, but the process of purchasing and implementing these devices is very challenging. Please be patient.

The produced cards in the form of identification cards (IDK) will be ready for personal withdrawal at one of the two Card Centers (of your choice),

Since September 23, 2013, the following centres have been prepared for you:

IDK will be issued to you in person upon presentation of a valid identity document (identity card, passport). The card cannot be sent by post.

Due to the gradual submission of applications and the gradual insertion of IDKs for production, not all of the IDKs will be available at once, but the issue will also take place gradually.

An application for the issue of a card can only be submitted electronically:

At these places, it is also possible to monitor the status of your IDK application (student, employee or alumni card).

Please send your questions and comments to the card address karty (at) slu.cz.