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Students from abroad are usually accommodated in the SU dormitory at Hradecka in well-equipped double or triple rooms. Kitchens and bathrooms are shared. 

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There is no university Canteen in Opava. Students may buy meal vouchers that are partially funded by the university and are accepted in most canteens and restaurants in Opava.  Additionally, The canteens of local high schools (Mendelovo Gymnázium on Komentského street and Matiční Dům at Rybí trh) offer their services to university students too.

List of Canteens:

School canteen at Mendelovo Gymnázium
Komenského 5
746 01 Opava
Phone: +420 553 714 566

Matiční dům
Rybí trh 7
746 01 Opava
Phone: +420 553 714 807